Tailor-made travels

This is our company's flagship offer. We treat it as a priority, because it's our biggest challenge.

We offer you worldwide travels that will be prepared according to your individual order. We will plan it, taking into consideration your individual needs, wishes and requirements. Through the time of your stay you will have an access to an individual guide, who will take care of everything that might be necessary during your trip. Our professional guide will organise your flight, car rental from the airport, accommodation at the hotel, all the attractions on site and on request certain facultative trips.

We specialise in excursions organisation in two exceptional regions in Europe i.e.: beautiful region of Costa Blanca in sunny Spain and Gdansk Pomerania in Poland.

Spanish Coast of Costa Blanca embraces the region in the vicinity of Valencia and is situated in central part of Mediterranean Coast. It is worth to spend time there between May and October. Mountainous terrains constituted by rocky mountains of Sierra Aitana scenically contrast with green lowlands overgrown by fir forests, as well as sandy, cliff shores. Almond white flowers, white sands and chalk soils are the reasons for calling this particular region Costa Blanca - White Coast. Main trip directions in Costa Blanca are, among others, Alicante, Benidorm, Altea, Denia and Mortira.

There aren't many places like Pomerania. Wandering around this region it is impossible not to notice exceptional wealth of the landscape. There is everything, what you can dream of: clean air, sunny beaches, quiet lakes, crystal rivers, shady forests, mysterious wilderness, nature singularities and interesting monuments. There are many hospitable, hard-working and friendly residents. In Pomerania you can hunt, fish, pick berries and mushrooms, walk, bike, horse-back ride, kayak, sail, have fun listening to the sounds of traditional Kashubian band, try tasty regional dishes.

 Our offer is especially attractive thanks to our partners with whom we cooperate. In Costa Blanca, we offer you accommodation in luxury hotels: Bonalba, Villaitana, and Pueblo Acantilado, and all the attractions and excursions we organise with help of Active-life. In Gdansk Pomerania we offer you accommodation in 2 hotels: Dwór Oliwski and Bryza and all the attractions are organised by ourselves, relaying on our long-term experience.

Totally exotic trips - Indonesia and Bali

Bali is a wild jungle, full of temples and monuments. In Balinese villages you can meet people who pray every day and bring gifts to good and bad spirits. This is why this island is called "The Island of Gods and Demons". The Hinduism is a mandatory religion. And in fact the followers of this religion as well as Buddhists used to build these beautiful old temples that are really worth to visit. Balinese villages will definitely surprise because each one is characterised by certain craft. And thus for example it is worth to visit potters’ village, temples village, dancers’ village, singers’ village etc. It is also worth to visit the park full of birds, called Taman Burung.

On the surface we meet tropical very warm climate (October - 31° C). The temperature of water is usually 26-27° C. The standard unit of money is rupiah. We can meet both bills and coins. 10000 IDR equals about 1 Euro. So let's move the hands of time forward and meet in Indonesia...

Indonesia - diving with Mola Mola

Bali is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world when it comes to diving. We will return with exciting underwater photos. Bali is an astonishing variety of diving spots: healthy coral reefs, small organisms at the sandy beaches, coral islands, wreck diving, meeting sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, Mola Mola, etc.  

We are preparing for a dream meeting with Mola Mola, also called Ocean sunfish (the biggest bony fish in the oceans), because Mola Mola can be found around Nusa Penida/Nusa Lembongan. During season we will have a chance to dive with huge manta rays.

We also planned to dive into famous and very colourful wreck from IInd World War - USS Liberty. The wreck is located next to a big volcano at one of the most famous beach of Tulamben with its dark sand, only 35m from the shore in the depth of 7-30m. The wreck is entirely overgrown by sea life (gorgonians, anthozoa, sponges, sea anemones, etc.) and inhabited by thousands of fish and crustaceans. The water is very calm in this region so it is perfect for inexperienced divers.

In underwater reserve around Menjangan Island we can dive next to deep coral walls. This underwater paradise is known for great transparency up to 40m, colourful underwater life and sandy beaches where we can rest for lunch.

When we talk about Padang Bai we think about sunny white sand, with colourful coral reefs that forms a house for various organisms, starting from very small fish to bigger species like sharks or sea turtles.