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Dear guests, because that's how we call our customers,

below we are presenting some examples of what luxury goods you can acquire through us.

Starting with watches from the limited edition, by finding collectible wines and other types of alcohol, ending with the selection of appropriate luxury places in the World.


You can't just ask customers what they need and then try to give it to them. Before you can create it, they will want something new. "

 – Steve Jobs


whisky watchWhisky Watch

Whiskey Watch is a unique watch that not only measures passing hours, minutes and seconds, but is also a real time capsule. Inside is the oldest vintage whiskey in the world - Glenlivet 1862. Thanks to it, you can feel the spirit of 19th-century Scotland and immerse yourself in the age of steamers, the beginnings of the railways or the industrial revolution.






rum watchRum Watch

Rum Watch is a unique watch that combines the world of Swiss precision with the spirit of the Caribbean seas and sailing adventures. It is the second watch in the world equipped with an alcohol capsule and the first one with rum inside. However, this is not an ordinary drink, but Harewood Rum from 1780, the oldest rum sold in the history of the auction market.




Whisky i Koniak

Wealth Solutions is a specialist in building a collection of rare alcohols and investing capital in this way. We acquire real "white crows" for our customers on the alcohol market.


Karuizawa 1964


In February 2013, thanks to Wealth Solutions, another unique drink hit the market - 48-year-old Japanese whiskey from the legendary Karuizawa distillery. This is one of the oldest Japanese single cask whiskey (derived from one barrel, No. 3603). Only 143 numbered bottles of this drink went on sale. Each of them has a unique setting. Accompanied by a book by Dave Broom - a writer and critic of whiskey, devoted to the history of distilleries and whiskey from the year 1964. The limited edition Karuizawa 1964 whiskey was created especially for Wealth Solutions customers.


Wealth Solutions is a specialist in building a collection of rare alcohols and investing capital in this way. Our clients' collections include the world's oldest whiskey or cognac from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The most valuable concerns as well as family distilleries and cognac houses share the most valuable liquors from their warehouses. With us you will get real unique items and build a collection that can be a pride for every lover of rare drinks.


Blue Moon ­– the most expensive blue diamond in the world



Diamonds are one of the few things that have value regardless
of the situation and place. For this reason, they also work great as a capital investment, and the collection of such precious stones can be a safeguard for our financial future.

Why Diamonds?

• Diamonds are forever

Diamonds have a global, timeless reputation as a carrier
of value. They gain in importance especially during difficult periods of history. A diamond is one of the few things that
has value in any situation and under any latitude.

• It's a woman's best friend

Diamonds are a pillar and the most prestigious raw material
on the jewelry market worth about $ 150 billion. Jewelry sales are growing at a rate of 5-6 percent. per year and by 2020
is expected to reach USD 250 billion.

On special request we organize meetings with famous sport and show business stars