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Here are some suggestions from a million to choose from.



Myconian Avaton Resort

The Myconian Avaton Resort has a refined, romantic and relaxing atmosphere. It offers beautiful panoramic sea views and world-class accommodation.


West East Suites Santorini

West East Apartments have been designed by their architects, and their goal and ambition is to exceed the comfort of travel.


Carpe Diem Suites and Spa, Santorini

Carpe Diem Suites and Spa is a couples-oriented resort a short distance from the hills on the outskirts of Pýrgos, the highest village of Santorini.


The Peninsula Paris

If you want to have the right adult feast for the Paris mini-break, The Peninsula guarantees pristine classic luxury and refined first-class cuisine.


Andronis Luxury Suites Oia Santorini

As one of the most romantic islands in Greece, Santorini is the first choice for many who want to celebrate their honeymoon, anniversary or special time in luxury. For those looking for a private marina, from which you can take full advantage.


JA Manafaru Manafaru Island, Malediwy

The Paradise hotel in Maldives offers overwater villas, bungalows on the beach, private pools, sandy beaches, excellent restaurants and spectacular seaplane transfers from Male. He manages to serve both honeymooners and families.

The most atmospheric places in the Alps

Searching for climatic mountain objects together with our partners is our hobby! We are looking for various places and we are not limited by any criteria. We are interested in boutique hotels, mountain huts and small private apartments. We are looking for both modern and traditional places, located directly in the center of the town or far from it, luxurious or very simple in its interior.




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