Concierge - secret friend, perfect planner, your guide - kind of your personal assistant, becomes a helper available 24/7 with whom you may arrange every issue.

The range of concierge's service is practically unlimited.

You dream and we make all your dreams come true.





Dedicated concierge card - the biggest spectrum of possibilities for every company

Excellence Travel is offering to past and future clients the purchase of dedicated card Concierge. Our card is an ideal 'gadget' for every CEO and his/her assistant. Thanks to this card you receive free access and attractive rebates to, among others, the following services:

  • Annual access to dedicated service concierge 24/7. Our consultant will help you or your employees in solving everyday life problems.   

  • The ability to use the unique and the cheapest services on Polish market dealing with corporate and individual trips. We are the only one using the system that allows offering the prices 20-50% lower than actually the most popular system Right after several purchases of our services, the total cost of our card is reimbursed.

Below you can find the comparison of our system against


  •   Booking of all the cultural and sport events in 2015 all over the world (football matches, tennis, Formula 1, etc.).

We are able to provide access to any sport and musical venues, even at the very last minute.

  1. Planes booking and charter;

  2. Yacht booking (5% off);

  3. Photographic workshops with famous photographer- Dominik Kulaszewicz (10% off);

  4. Golf lessons with one of the best Polish golf coaches - Robert Sokołowicz (5% off);

  5. Hovercraft travels in a vicinity of Ruciane-Nida in the region of Masurian Lakes, Poland (10% off);

  6. Water skiing and wakeboarding lessons in Ruciane-Nida, Poland (20% off);

  7. Unforgettable trips with our partner Miłosz Pierwoła (5% off);

  8. Every treatment from prestigious Sopot Beauty Factory (10% off);

  9. Dietary treatment by dietitian Anna Słomkowska (5% off);

Every our present client and those willing on one hand to save some money and at the same time obtain the universal tool helping in booking every kind of service, unnecessary in functioning every enterprise, we kindly invite for cooperation and purchase of our card.


Six-month subscription - 600 PLN (without VAT)

Annual subscription - 1000 PLN (without VAT)

The access to cards is limited; the maximum number of cards per client is 15.

Should you be interested in our offer, please contact us