Premium Concierge card

Impress your loved ones, business partners with a unique gift - a premium concierge card for the services of a remote Excellence Travel assistant, who will take care of them in time-consuming tasks and restore time for well-deserved relaxation.

Why the Concierge Premium Card
is the idea for a perfect gift?

Because there is nothing more valuable than the time given to another person.

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The personalized premium concierge card contains 6 themed areas which the customer can use 24 / H.
full description in the PDF presentation


How can we help you as part of your subscription


In the professional implementation of a large, time-consuming task - private or professional, or several smaller tasks that will be entrusted to us. We operate efficiently and flexibly. Everything is negotiable and most importantly, there are no impossible orders for us.

  • Operating in 6 thematic zones, we give very high comfort to our clients.
  • We are also helpful in hotel reservations and in the purchase of airline and train tickets because we are both a hotel and air agent, thanks to which we select the most favorable variants for our guests


Is the Concierge Premium Card also suitable for a business gift?

Yes of course! Certainly it will be a nice and elegant surprise for a contractor who, like all of us, faces a lack of time for our own needs and pleasures!

Premium Concierge Card price for 48 months net PLN 2500

Each card contains a welcome package in the form of a Voucher for PLN 500 to be used for a stay at the Kuraszków Academy

It's time to take care of the correct work-life balance. You can count on our support in organizing meetings, business trips, private trips etc.

6 thematic zones will help in achieving work-life balance.

So it's the perfect solution for you and your business partners

That's how we build relationships, keep harmony and peace. Work - life Balance with Excellence Travel